Custom App for Medical to Prepare You Well

Each one of us have always dreamt of being a doctor, probably wearing a white coat and played the role of a doctor as kids. Turning the dream to reality is done by few and the first step begins with preparing well in advance for the toughest exams like All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS), National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (NEET) and All India Pre Medical Test (AIPMT). Known as one of the prestigious entrance tests in the nation, cracking the exam can ensure an aspirant to pursuing college courses for MBBS. Imagine the level of competition and the struggle involved!

Custom App for Exam Preparation

Many people give effective study tips and tricks on how to prepare for medical entrance test at home, but the best kind of preparation begins with right guidance, true determination and a coaching center that offer latest preparation tools to the students. Basically, the exam paper comprises of objective type questions that has to be finished within three hours. In order to excel in these competitive examinations, students rely heavily faculty and coaching institutes to provide tips and strategy. Institutes won’t be able to guide each and every student in the class if they don’t use any digital platform. Prepbuddies provides custom digital platform to students and faculty to in order to work on the strategy to excel in the examinations, while revising the concepts and taking mocks tests regularly to sharpen their skills. Essentially 11th and 12th standard syllabus needs to have clear understanding, especially all fundamentals related to Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Getting customized access to the study material, tests and discussion forum to students through Custom App for Medical the coaching institutes can help them get throughsuccessfully.

Solve Mock Test and Online Test Papers

One of the greatest challenges often faced by students is the time limitation of the entrance exams as they are required to finish 180 questions in 3 hours. So, they need to solve 1 question within 1 minute. For this, students must be well prepared in advance and know the importance of time management. Solving more mock test papers and takingonline tests can help them achieve the speed and accuracy. But this should be done within a stipulated time limit as is done in the examinations. With Custom App for Medical, faculty can challenge the students on key concepts and sharpen their skills for the entrance examinations.

Again, solving practice papers and mock test papers will help-

  • Know the importance of time management
  • Analyze your preparation level
  • Get a beforehand experience of sitting in the real exam

Custom Apps for the Institutes

When coaching institutes utilize platform capability, they can enable studentto access study material on mobile. Through digitize study material, students can revise the portions of the lecture and reference material as required without spending valuable time in searching through notes or books.Students can mark the most difficult or challenging questions and review them later to improve their knowledge, thus making revision handier and efficient.

With a positive attitude, guided preparation and a fresh mindset one can be driven with more zeal and enthusiasm that is an essential to perform well and live the dreams.


Easy Way to Crack the Toughest Exam with Custom App for IIT JEE

Getting into IIT is a great achievement that speaks a volume about your aptitude. IIT JEE is one of the most difficult entrance examinations that students in high school with aptitude in engineering aspires for. Every year more than 11 Lakh students vigilantly prepare for the IIT JEE entrance exam and the successful candidatescan make into prestigious IITs. The difficulty level of this exam and its online format plays a very important role in getting ranked amongst the toughest exams in the world. 

Revised Rules for IIT JEE Exam

The National Testing Agency (NTA)constituted in November 2017 announced that the IIT-JEE entrance tests will be conducted online from 2019. It was surprising for the IIT JEE aspirants as well for teachers and the coaching institutes. The students, who are getting ready for the online entrance exam under the guidance of experienced teachers, have been nervous because of this new format. This has added more stresses to already stressful preparations. But teaching and learning through custom app for IIT JEE can be a savior in retaining what has been taught and studied during the preparation time. 

Exam Made Easy

The custom app for IIT JEE helps coaching institutes and teachers to prepare students in the best possible way and equip them with all possible materials for the entrance exam. The exam format that was changed is being bridged by the help of this customized app for IIT JEE. Aspecialized feature of the custom app for IIT JEE is its intelligent systems which provideperformance analysis to students and focus the area that needsimprovement. In addition,mock test papers, and practice test papersare available through the app as well. The highlight of the app is its systematic and organized learning resources and personalized preparation purpose-built for students. It is really a helpful tool for coaching institutes and faculty to allow students to set their learning goals and achieve them in the stipulated time frame.


Customized App for Medical Coaching / Customized App for NEET Coaching

No dream is ever too big; when you make effort, you make your dream come true. You must be aware that medical entrance exams are tough. Students need extra edge to thrive well in these examinations. At, we empower institutes to prepare students to face Medical entrance examinations successfully by providing a digital learning platform grounded well in the principles of imparting knowledge in local language, infusing online learning experience and boosting confidence.

With the digital learning age taking over, the next generation students know how to look for institutes which uses new teaching techniques and make learning more effective by incorporating the Smartphones in their NEET preparation strategy. Teaching institutes can offer a methodical way of learning and a healthy atmosphere to the pre-medical aspirants through our digital educational platform. The students get access to wide digital library, lecture videos, online assessment, performance analysis and many more from their local coaching institutes. Best of all, the motivation that we extend to the students helps them identify their own ability and lead them to the path of success. brings the customized app for medical learning to improve the performance of the medical aspirants and help them crack the entrance exam. With this adaptive platform, students can set their individual learning goals, enhancing their strengths and correcting flaws. The customized app for NEET coaching brings the best learning experience right to your mobile. Some key features come with this app include – comprehensive and engaging lecture videos from your own faculty, digital library accessible from anywhere any time, adaptive practice questions,test series, study groups etc.

Utilize our customized app for medical/NEET coaching, make part of teaching methodology along with classroom teaching, and improve the performance of your students.


Customized App for IIT JEE Preparation

Preparing for IIT JEE? Cracking JEE is not as difficult as it seems when you have the access to right resources at hand. All you need to crack JEE is right strategy, advanced tools to track your preparation and easy access to content used by your faculty. With time, several online and offline coaching classes have popped up, and each of them claim to offer their own excellence and uniqueness. But, what if you get all the perks under one roof? 

You might be wondering how that is possible. We at empower local coaching institutes and faculty to offer digital content along with lectures in classroom in order to improve the overall performance of the students in the competitive examinations. Keeping in mind the need of the students to stay connected to their IIT JEE preparation at all times of the day, we have introduced a digital platform for the institutes to offer content online, which can be easily accessed anytime and from anywhere. The students can simply switch on their device and start preparing for IIT JEE with the content from their own faculty in their own language and style rther than using online content from different institutes while attending class by different faculty. The digital content from the local coaching institutes which the student attends for classroom teaching will save the student’s time and make his preparation more efficient.

With digital offering, institutes can increase their revenue, improve students’ performance and build their brand in the market. Our digital teaching solution is one of the fastest way for the institutes to become market leader and offer online content to their students and attract students from nearby areas.. The Customized App for IIT JEE preparation uses AI technology to expose students to the most effective way of preparing for the entrance exam and utilize the benefits of mobile applications. So come, walk with us and make the already stressful preparation easy for your students with our customized app for IIT JEE.